The Queen of Flowers

Regant of the Spring Court


Age: Appears to be in mid-teens

Race: High Elf

Height: 5’ 8”

Weight: 105 lb.

Hair: Brown, with flowers mixed in.


The Regent of the Spring Court, the Queen of Flowers is hundreds of years old, but still appears in the blossom of youth, befitting a matriarch that represents the time of growth, renewal, and fertility. Her body seems to be at one with the season, and she wears what at first appears to be a dress of flowers, but on closer inspection, the flowers themselves merge with her skin, their roots sinking into her flesh.

The most brash of all of the Seelie Court regents, the Queen of Flowers is not afraid to strike out in new directions, and is the least likely to heed the advice of others. This has been known to be both a blessing and a curse for the Seelie Courts, and the Queen has sometimes brought hardship upon the elves through unwise actions, but just as often has broken them out of a rut and charted a new, successful course for their people.

The Queen of Flowers

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