Mister Hightower


Age: Late 40s

Race: Human

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 275 lb.

Hair: Bald


The leader of the Thieves Guild, Mister Hightower is arguably the most powerful man in Blackport. Though his leadership, the Thieves Guild has turned from being a group of petty, well, thieves, and become the pre-eminent power in the lower class areas of Blackport.

Hightower focuses on the protection “racket,” though he really does provide protection. If a shopkeeper is stolen from who is paid up on his dues, Hightower’s men brutally and efficiently hunt down the “unlicensed thief” and make sure he never makes the same mistake again, usually by leaving his blood on the street. Of course, he’s no angel, and it’s been noticed that shops that aren’t paid up have a tendency to be extremely flammable.

Still, he’s brought order of a kind to Dockside, Goldlane, and the rest, and is regarded by many of the hopeless as a hero.

Hightower owns many businesses outright, and is invited to all the most important dinners as a “well to do merchant,” though his leadership of the Thieves Guild is an open secret. Even Duchess Isabella Thengel knows she must have his support to properly govern the city.

A man of great stature and strength, Hightower nonetheless wears the finest of suits, and is always surrounded by bodyguards, assistants, and scribes.

Mister Hightower

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