Elohim (Leader)

A leader of the Bara'Lohim


Age: Streaks of gray denote an advanced age.

Race: Forest Elf

Height: 5’ 9”

Weight: 175 lb.

Hair: Black


Like all the Bara’Lohim (Army of the Dead), he gives only the name Elohim when asked (lit. “Ghost”), and though he wears no insignia of rank, clearly appears to be in charge. Elohim has a simpler, more primitive skull tattoo compared to the other Elohim, and seems more willing than others to overlook the orders of the Seelie Courts when necessary.

Always the picture of calm, he never shows any deep emotion, speaking with an even voice that has a slightly odd intonation, even to elven ears.

Elohim (Leader)

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