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NEWS – July 5th, 2011

OK, as you all know, I’m resetting the “extra credit” rules, I just don’t know how yet. Honestly, I want a system that will allow you to buy things other than magic items (such as extra languages or other small benefits). I’m just not sure what yet. So, hey. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Also, two two threads up in the forum. Go at it.

NEWS – March 18th, 2011

Man, has it really been that long since I updated the News? I suck. Since we’re back on track, I wanted to announce some quick changes to the extra credit system. Here’s how it works.

After every game, you have the opportunity to earn one extra credit point. This is awarded to players who participated in the “Fireside Chats,” did journal entries, etc. You don’t have to go crazy, but at least one journal entry per level and basic participation in the Fireside Chat is the baseline for that.

Extra credit points can be cashed in for magic items. To figure out how much a magic item costs, take the level of the item, subtract your level (minimum of one) and then triple it. So, if you want a magic item three levels higher than you, it costs 9 extra credit points. When you cash it in, you have to give me TWO magic items you want, and I’ll pick one. That way, you can never be sure of getting exactly what you want. This to prevent min/maxing, which is strongly equipment dependent.

NEWS – June 29th, 2010

The next game will be on July 5th, since everyone has that day off. Let me know if you have any issues with this.

NEWS – June 21st, 2010

Just a quick note. There is a new forum post since the last one went so well. Feel free to chat it up there. However, I’d like to ask that you don’t write what other people do or say, only what your character does and says.

Also, as you all know, next game would fall on the 4th of July. I’m sure we all have stuff to do on the 4th, so I’d like to reschedule, and I’m thinking of doing one or two weekday games instead. Does anyone have any preference or any days they can’t make? Please, let me know.

NEWS – June 18th, 2010

I’ve been going through the wiki the last few days, and have made some updates and done some general reorganization. The following pages received significant revisions:

The following entries are all-new:

Also, the Portal recently added some new options to their site. If you log in and go to My Settings, you can turn on email notifications and set your time zone (so posts actually show what time they were really posted on the forums). I really recommend you don’t turn on email notification for all wiki updates. You’ll get a deluge of them as I go in and fix typos or little things like that pretty often. Whenever I make big updates, like today, I’ll make sure everyone gets a list of stuff to check out. That being said, if you want to drink from the firehose, be my guest. ;)

UPDATE: I have updated the adventure log for last adventure. I have also added Extra Credit Totals, which you can find under General Information. Please review it and let me know if there are any errors (and remember, you can only get one point of extra credit between adventures). I’m also really happy with the involvement on the forum, it was interesting to see some inner thoughts of the characters, and how the PCs interact when not actively out adventuring. It’s been a fun read, so I’m awarding everyone a point of extra credit for participation.

NEWS – June 10th, 2010

Just a quick update. I have done some updates to the maps. First, I updated the Arandor map to include a lot more small cities, including Brighton and Carathir, so now you know where you’ve been. I also made it so it doesn’t look god-awfully ugly anymore and added a scale.

While doing the scale for Arandor, I also realized my scale on the large map was off. By a lot. Like, my “continent” was about the size of the southeastern US. My verbal descriptions have always been that Arandor is about the size of France and Crucible as a whole is about the size of South America. So I fixed the scale, and now that’s actually true if you measure it. :)

I also added a lot of detail to the world map, just to make it look a little better, but honestly most of it is “placeholder” space, especially in the south. I have vauge ideas for what most of the countries are like, but some of them are just names at this point.

Also, just a reminder, there is a forum thread for in-character chitchat if anyone wants to participate. I’m considering making participation there count for Extra Credit as well (though remember, you cannot gain more than one extra credit point per week), but I haven’t decided for sure. Feedback is welcome.

NEWS – June 3rd, 2010

OK, so it’s not quite June 3rd yet, but I have more updates! You guys just blow me away with your writing sometimes. Seriously, I’m impressed. Your character journals are great summations of the adventure and fun to read at the same time. I’m humbled that you’re enjoying the game so much, and lucky to have players like you.

As I said in yesterday’s update, I wanted to give character journals a more prominent place, and so that’s what I did today. They now have their own entry in the wiki’s index, and I took the liberty of doing some formatting. Please, feel free to format them however you want if you don’t like what I did, though. It’s your journal.

I’ve also created a Wiki Howto to help everyone with creating entries. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Or, if you don’t really feel like worrying about the nitty-gritty, when you create a new page, click on the “Email Notification” option at the bottom so I see what you did, and I’ll add any formatting that needs to be done (like creating the Index).

NEWS – June 2nd, 2010

After much work, the Advanture Log has been relaunched! I hope you enjoy the new format, I’m pretty happy with it. If you look at the Log, you’ll see that it heavily incorporates your own contributions. The most recent one was, basically, all from a player perspective (Hovan) with a little bit of framing text, and the one before that is heavily written by Brigga and Teagan. This is how I’d really like to do them all, so I hope they keep coming in!

I’m also planning to rework the section for you all to post your journal entries and other extra credit projects, so they’ll have a more prominent place on the site. In cases where two people write logs that could easily both serve as the full adventure log, I’ll take weave them together in the Log, while maintaining the full text on the original wiki page.

Also, finally, I’m making a minor change to the Wish Lists. From now on, when a wish list item drops, I’d like you to give me a list of up to three items you’d be happy with, and one of those will drop. For those of you who haven’t picked your first Wish List item yet, you still get to choose the exact item. If you have any questions, let me know.

NEWS – May 19th, 2010

Check out the updated House Rules for details on how to earn Extra Credit magic items, as well as combat and other stuff of importance. I’ve also got the Advanture Log started, though I plan to be more detailed about future adventures, at least I have something there now. It also has your current XP total.


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