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Wiki Howto

The most basic thing you’ll want to know how to do is link a wiki page. To link a page, you type the name of the page, enclosed in double brackets. In the examples I show below, I’m going to use squiggly brackets like { and } instead of [ and ], so the website won’t parse them as code.


So, back to creating a link. As I said before, you just enclose the name of the page inside of brackets. So if I want to link to the Character Journals, I’d write that as…

{{Character Journals}}

(remember, real brackets instead of squiggly ones when you do it!). When you do this, it turns the word into a link, like this one:

Character Journals

Simple, right? Sure! Now, let’s say you wanted to create a new page. The best way to do that is to create the link first, so let’s say I want to create a page called Test Page. First, I’d decide where I wanted the link. Maybe I want it on the General page. So I go there, and click on Edit This Page. I scroll down, and underneath the links already there, I type…

{{Test Page}}

Now, the Test Page doesn’t exist yet, so the link looks red. In fact, it’ll look like this…

Test Page

Now, to create that page, just follow the link you created, and the website will prompt you to make a new page. Follow that red link above, and you should see it wants you to make it (but please, don’t actually save anything there, so the link stays red for when other people view this).

Well, now that you’ve got your new page, you’ll want to add the Index box to make it look right. I can’t type the code for the index box here, or it would just create another index box. However, you can get it from pretty much any page by clicking the “Edit This Page” button at the bottom and just copying the text there and pasting it into your new entry. In fact, you can do that pretty much anywhere in the wiki if you see a format that you like, and want to incorporate onto your own page.

Also, make sure you look at the Wiki Syntax Help on the right if you want to do special formatting. The basic ones are obvious. You can use ** for bolding __ for italics, etc. But advanced formatting can get pretty, well, advanced. Here’s a quick guide to it if you’re interested. In particular, you may want to check out the secion to Tables if you’re wanting to add something to the Character Journals page.

Finally, just feel free to email me and ask me to do any formatting you need. I’m happy to help. You can also do this pretty much automated by clicking on “Email Notification” and sending it to me when you do an update. I’ll swing by, check it out, and fix any formatting that needs to be done.

Wiki Howto

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