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I’ve been keeping this log since I’ve joined the champions and their quest to save the people of Blackport, but I haven’t taken the time to say what I think about each of them. It’s only been three days, but already I feel a kinship with each of them.

Sgt. Hovan Roark. The leader of the Champions. I wonder if he was appointed or just assumed the role. It wouldn’t matter either way; he is an amazing leader. I’m pretty sure he eats, thinks, and sleeps tactics. His mind always seems to be racing with battle plans and formations. He tries to give off this “Big guy” persona but inside, I know he is really a softy. You can tell by the way he looks after Hope. If I didn’t know better, I would think they were related.

Brigga Brassgut Hovan’s lieutenant. I don’t think they have known each other very long, yet are already the best of friends. They think alike too. It’s scary to watch them. Sometimes, I think Hovan and Brigga can talk telepathically. Brigga is a beast on the battle fields. It’s like no one can touch him! Maybe it’s because he’s so small… I pray he never reads this! I wouldn’t ever want to be on his bad side. Or anyone else’s for that matter. He can come off as gruff and aloof but he is a big softy as well. He would lay down his life for any of us. And he worries so much for his people. So noble.

Hopecan be a little scary when you first meet her. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great person, but red skin and her thirst for revenge can definitely put you off. I love her though, already. She makes me laugh sometimes when we are just traveling and can afford to be lighthearted. She’s had a rough past, but it has only made her stronger. The spells she casts scare the hell out of me. I never want to be on the receiving end of her dispater….

Althea comes off as aloof. She doesn’t talk much but she seems to spend most of her time observing the rest of us. She is an awesome wizard. Every time you turn around she is pulling something new out of her sleeve. Althea has, and will continue I’m sure, already saved our butts many times. She comes from the First Forest as well as I do. It’s funny that I’ve never met her before now.

Korgul is a halfling like me, only he’s half orc. I really hate orcs but Korgul is different. He is kind and considerate. He battles unbelievably well, and he’s almost as stealthy as I am! He’s useful to have around so many orcs. Already he has managed to get us into a city overrun by the creatures without detection. He make it look so easy, too. Everything he does is effortless. On and off the battlefield. He’s good at taking things in stride and “going with the flow.”

These people already feel like family to me. They accepted me into their folds and make me feel indispensable to the group. I would gladly give my life to save them. I knew I made the right decision to find them when I did. Otherwise, I would still be wondering around Arandor looking for something I might never have found. Well, I’ve found my place in the world. Right here beside the Champions. There’s no telling what will happen to them if I don’t stay now! Heh. And that’s it. My feeling on each champion. They are all awe-inspiring people. A motley crew, definitely, but you couldn’t find better people in all of Arandor. In all the world, really. I can only hope that history reflects well upon us and our mission. Mayhap this log will find it’s way into the hands of scholars many years from now. I hope the world never forgets the Champions of Blackport, and all we have achieved.


Crucible Hardhead