Third Letter

Dear Mom,

Well, I don’t know how this letter will find you, but I hope that it does. Here is what has been happening of late.

Teagan’s dog got killed while we escaped from that orc infested town with as many of the human prisoners as possible. Well, it wasn;t really a dog, I guess, he warrents more respect than that. Caiden was the wolf’s name, and from Teagan’s reaction, I think that he was a little more than just a pet. She broke down after she and I were able to put together a place to hide. I felt bad for her. Hovan started right in on her about something called the First Forest. Seems that was where that big black pillar came from.

After a few moments it was decided that we would go to a place called Caranthir, an elven city within a thickly wooded area close to here. Appearently, Caranthir is within the First Porest. Who knew. Only upon getting there we were stopped pretty much at the gate and Teagon was questioned and told “you know the First Forest is not kind to ‘their kind’.” Well, I have to admit that it was rather nice to not be singled out for a change, but still.

Teagan explained that she was wanting to talk to her father. Oh, and get this, mom. Teagan seems to be some sort of bigwig’s daughter and he is on some sort of court. That might come in handy if I need legal advice.

We were shown the way to an inn after Hovan talked our way into the city and boy let me tell you. These people KNOW how to EAT! They brough us so much meat I didn’t think that Brigga and I were going to finish it. It was a little bland for my taste but it was still really good. What was weird was that they apologized for the fact that there was not enough fruit or veggies. Weird. p. Teagon asked if a message could be sent to her father and they obliged her. So that is where we are right now. In an elven city and eat meat to our hearts content while we wait for a message back from Teagan’s dad.

your son, Kurgol

Third Letter

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