Stained Glass Windows

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Stained Glass Windows


My name is Teagan and today, my life changed forever. Today, I met the Champions of Blackport. Today, I found my adventure. After the last orc fell dead, I walked out of the trees and, laughingly, insinuated that they might need a little help. Hovan did not take kindly to that. He gave me the “look.” You know the one that says “excuse me?” Yea. That look. I just smiled at him.

“What makes you think we need your help?” He asked me.

I just looked over at the poor half-orc lying on the ground. He had taken a beating. I watched the battle from the trees, remember. Everyone seemed to go after him! I couldn’t help but smile again. Hovan just looked at the little guy, Brigga. They put their heads together, looking over at me once or twice, then seemed to come to an agreement.

“As long as no one else minds, I guess we could use another person.”

I held my breath, waiting for that one person to speak up. No one objected! I totally couldn’t believe it. Hovan introduced me to the rest of the Champions. Althea, Hope, Korgul, and Brigga. I whistled and out of the forest trotted Caiden, my Wolf companion. I think Caiden took Hovan by surprise. He tends to do that. He is kinda big for a wolf…

So we were off! The Champions were on their way to Brighton. They were trying to determine the situation the villagers are in. Numbers for the Orcish army, survivors, ect. Before we hit the town, we came upon a house where Orcs were forcing humans to harvest grain from the fields. No way we could let those Orc bastards hurt those poor innocent people. Korgul and I scout ahead. There were only 14 enemies. We could definitely take them! And boy did we ever! Well, except for Sgt. Hovan Roark! Poor guy went down and just couldn’t get back up. Me? I was a beast. How had they ever gotten along without me?!

We managed to save two of the four villagers. Stupid orcs killed two and injured one. Anyway, we convinced the villagers to talk to us. He told us that everyday the orcs brought people to work in the fields. All day they slaved. He also told us that orcs would be coming to collect the grain. His face lit up as we made a plan to get into the city. Turns out his wife, Rachel, is still there. He misses her. We promised to do what we could. So we decided to camp in the house that sat on top of the hill top and early the next morning, we set up our ambush.

Pathetic! How pathetic. The orcs didn’t even put up a fight! As they were driving by, we jumped out and they looked at each other then threw their hands into the air. Not a drop of blood. I almost cried a little. Korgul is the only one of us that can speak orcish so he translated our questions and the others answers. I can’t help but wonder how stupid an orc can be. These two were the worst kind of stupid! In the end, we learned that there were more orcs guarding the walls of the town than the minion had fingers and toes, humans stayed in the kitchen, and General Thag was indeed in Brighton. We also convinced the poor orc to take us into the city under the cover of the wagon he drove. He readily agreed, choosing life over a slow and painful death. His companion, however, couldn’t be trusted to keep his disgusting mouth shut. So Korgul looked at me and said simply, “Shoot him.” I smirked a little and did just that. My arrow flew true and buried its head in the minions neck.

So that is how we made it into the town. We made it to the mill where some orcs came out to unload the grain. We really didn’t want our operation to be blown that early, so we killed them. Unfortunately a passing orc saw Caiden kill one of them. Fortunately, orcs are generally stupid.

Yes, I know I am constantly referring to orcs as stupid, yet travel with a half-orc. Let the record show that Korgul is not your average half-orc.

So we get out of that mess and get inside the, thankfully, empty mill where it is decided that we will go and find General Thag and dispose of him and usurp him of his place of power. Woot! I must admit, we are a crafty bunch. We crowded back into the wagon that we entered the city in and covered ourselves with a tarp Hovan found.

It didn’t take long to reach our destination. We were introduced as “fresh meat” for the ones inside the church. Korgul was acting like one of them to get us in. He loosely draped the rope around our wrists and marched us to the entrance of the church. Looking in almost made me lose my lunch. In fact, thinking back, I think I did lose it! Hovan and Althea were also disgusted to the point of illness.

The orcs had redecorated the church with the brutalized and terrorized bodies of the elderly and youth of the city. Their bodies hung from hooks in the ceiling, some with skin peeled off and back, showing their insides. Blood pooled on the floor underneath these poor humans, making it difficult to keep your footing in some places. Religious artifacts were defiled, broken, strewn all over the floor. Pews were reduced to piles of kindling in the corners of the building. From outside you could hear their evil chanting.

Orcs lined the walls and a shaman knelt at an alter of sorts where a particularly large orc lay. They seemed to be praying for his health. An obalisque glowed dimly at his head. I looked over at Althea. Her face was white and she seemed to be trying to breath evenly. I wasn’t in much better condition.

We had the element of surprise. Those orcs didn’t stand a chance against our mighty power. Justice had to be done for those poor villagers. My arrows hit their marks and Caiden was ruthless in his attacks. We had to kill our guide to the city though. Idiot decided to try to kill us. Pfft! As if! Finally it was just us and the big bad guy. And boy was he big…

The area around me became hazy and it became hard to see. All of us, with the exception of Althea, were affected. It seemed the evil bad guy had tricks up his sleeves. General Thag was no pushover. Hovan, Brigga, and Korgul took him on head to head while Hope, Althea, and I used our amazing abilities to stay out of immediate danger yet still kick ass. Remember that obalisque I mentioned? Turns out, it has healing capabilities for Thag. So we did away with it. Between us three ladies, it didn’t stand a chance! Just after its ruin, Thag fell as well. He battled brilliantly, for an orc. Brigga cut off his head so that he could never resurface and cause more trouble. At least, that’s the reason we were given. I think he just wanted the guys head.

We were drained after that battle. Thag was no easy guy. We were forced to spend the night in the church, amid rotting corpses. I have never been a deeply religious person, but that night, I prayed to every being I could think of. I felt the pain of the villagers as if it were my own. I fell asleep looking out the stained glass windows.

Stained Glass Windows

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