Second Letter

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Dear Mom,

Well, now I’ve gone and done it. My group has now stopped a slaving ring. How could I get myself into these situations? Let me tell you.

It all started while Hope was showing me around the city. We were just minding our own business when these guys attempted to jump us from the alleys. Hope and I were able to fend them off with the help of a, believe it, drunken paladin named Uther.

With his help, we were able to break into their headquarters, beat down their teifling leader who called himself Despair. Although, through a bit of heavy coercion we found out that not only did the guy make up his own name, but his real name was Carl. We also found that he was working for an orc named Thag.

Mom, I am not sure if he was the one. If he was, he no longer is a problem. Get to the best part later. You know how I like to keep up the suspense.

Well after we got the info we needed, Hope and I when to tell the others what we found. Little did we know that the rest of the group had been approached to help find out if an orc incursion had taken a town near by. Hope and I hurried to try and catch up to them. Upon catching up with them Hope and I found that there was an addition to our merry band of heroes. A half-elf ranger with a pet wolf. Her name is Teagan and her wolf’s name is Caiden.

After comparing info, and with very little insight, we were able to reason that the info Hope and I had gathered and the mission the rest of the group were sent on were related. We all headed toward the town and found a bunch of orcs forcing some humans to harvest grain for their war effort. After freeing as many of them as we could, we were able to get a hold of one of their grain wagons by intimidating the driver. I was able to convince the wagon driver that if he helped us we would allow him to live.

It was sort of funny when the wagon driver tried to convince me to turn on the other and join Thag. I was tempted for just a moment, though, I have to admit. The thing that convinced me not to betray my comrades was the fact that I think they have become my friends. I know it seems presumptuous, but I see them that way.

Anyway, I convinced the driver that I was going to betray my friends and because of that we were able to infiltrate the orc controlled town without much incident. We were even able to make our way to Thag’s headquarters and gain entrance. Only that was as far we got before we had a fight on our hands.

We were able to force our way in enough to find that Thag was actually dead and that they were attempting to bring him back somehow. Well, as you know, we couldn’t allow that. Only, try as we might, we could stop him from being brought back to life. It was obvious that he was not brought back to full strength though. Well that, and he threatened all of us with our lives if we didn’t leave. So, yeah, we had to take him down. And, mom, I got the killing shot. Though, I have this sinking feeling that there is something that I am missing. If you know anything about Thag, let me now.

Your son,


Ps. – How are things with you?

Second Letter

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