Prima Archbora

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The Prima Archbora

Sometimes called the Feywood by humans, to the elves it is the First Forest, the Prima Archbora. These great woods border southern Arandor and stretch for hundreds of miles, home to a great elven population. Even at the height of Nerath’s power, the elves of the First Forest did not bow to the north nor adopt the religion of the Magisterium. Today, the elves still call the forest home, and practice customs strange even to other elves.

It is well-known that the First Forest still possesses the magic that is once said to have saturated the forest of Crucible long ago, and connections to the Feywild are said to be common there. Indeed, creatures from that place are said to be spotted in the forest, from time to time.

At the heart of the forest is Grandfather Oak, a massive thousand foot tree that is said to exist in both the material world and the Feywild. From there, the Court of Life rules over the elven people, ensuring the proper turning of seasons and that the forest lives harmoniously with the elven people.

Prima Archbora

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