Nine Hells

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The Nine Hells

According to Magisterian teachings, the Nine Hells are the home of the Nine Lords of Hell and their army of Fiends. They are not renegades, nor are they truly against the Worldsmith himself. In fact, they are creations of the Worldsmith fulfilling their duty by testing the civilized races. That is not to say they are good, though – they are evil to the core. Yet they fulfill a role in the Worldsmith’s design. Just as the Worldsmith allows famines or wars to test the hardiness and mettle of the races, the Fiends test the morals and strength of character of the same. And the Fiends have the power to do so – often granting it to mortals who succumb to their sweet temptations through wish fulfillment or infernal warlock pacts. They are extremely intelligent as well, and their cunning plans unfold over years or even centuries.

The souls of those who failed the Worldsmith’s tests travel to the Hells upon death, to be punished for their failures until such time as they can be reborn to try again. There is no agreement withing the church on how long this takes. Some believe souls can be reborn after only a few years, but most believe the world will be destroyed and remade anew before any are allowed to reenter the Worldsmith’s Crucible.

Each of the Nine Hells is ruled by a single Archduke, the most powerful of them all being Asmodeus, the demon prince.

Physical travel to the Nine Hells is assumed to be impossible. If anyone has ever achieved such, they have not returned back to tell the tale.

Nine Hells

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