Hope's Diary - Second Entry

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79th Day of Autumn, 537 YM

Almost lost my friend today. My life has been only 17 years but I have never had someone to call a friend. Teagan in the span of two weeks has shown me that a stranger can show kindness and acceptance. Her confidence has rubbed off on me. It let me be able to drop the cloaks and hoods that I hid behind.

The lift that would carry people up grandfather oak came crashing down. I ran to it just to see what happened, because I knew no one could have survived. Then, I saw Teagan. Blood was seeping through an ear. Her eyes unblinking, lifeless. The spirit just leaving the body. I may have been selfish. I could not have her leave yet. She still had to see her father. We had gone so far. But most of all she was a friend. There was not a price that was too high to pay to get her back.

Tomorrow the Six of us are leaving this “realm” for another that the elves reside in, specifically Teagan’s father. We came to First Forest to see if the orcs had overrun the elves. Now we have found the Spring Court has taken over, they made a deal with the Orcs and her father, I suspect, is being held against his will in this elven world on the other side of a magic ritual. I would not be surprised that we will become part of a freak show once were there, considering that the only one that fits is Althaea. I am worried about Korgul. The elves there may not be so receptive to a half orc or any of us for that matter.

Tonight I celebrated liberation from myself . I know I am young but all my life I have hidden from what I truly am. A tiefling

Hope's Diary - Second Entry

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