Hope's Diary - First Entry

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64th Day of Autumn, 537 YM

I never planned to write anything about me ever. I never felt that I would need to. I live, I die. That’s the way life is. But after recent events well… I should start recording it. I never knew my father but others have and I only have their word to go by, not his. I have heard horrible stories about him and then the one my mother told me. Of course, I should believe her but … maybe she said those things just to make a young child not cry. If I should perish, I can only hope that this written word will dispel any rumors on how I lived and possibly died. I am a tiefling but I am also a being that does believe in doing what is right. I care about others. Even though most humans do not want to even look at me because of what I am …yet, I would still save them. I hope that the “Champions” , which I am one of, will prove to the “civilizied” race that all have something to offer. Most of the population Blackport is humans, like 100 to 1. Outside its walls Hovan is the only human in our group. I sometimes think we have been setup to fail.

Brigga Brassgut is amazing to watch, and easy to be around. I never met a dwarf until he came along. I have heard rumors of dwarves being brash and isolationists but he is kind and is willing to sacrifice his life for the chance that maybe Blackport will send help to his people. I have a feeling they will not repay his kindness.

Althea , an Eladrin, thought that for some reason Blackport could offer her some sort of arcane knowledge. I do not know if she found it here in the city. Blackport is falling to ruins as it gets more powerful.

Korgul, a half orc. He would be living in dockside if he were from here. No one would tolerate him anywhere but there. He is understanding and tolerant of the ignorance that the people of this city show. Even in my neighborhood, they tried to make him a slave. I am ashamed of their actions. Especially because of the tiefling I met who was the leader of the slavers. I am happy that Korgal did not stereotype me with the likes of Despair, or shall I say Karl. No one should be owned by another.

Teagan, a sweet and shall I say, deadly girl. She has a relationship with nature that I am jealous of. The only plants I have seen were the ones in the market or desperately trying to push through the cracks in the walkways. The only wild creatures I have seen are from the poachers that occasionally walk our streets. Neither last long in dockside. I doubt she would either. I would hate to see her be used or become corrupted like so many of the half-breeds do.

Hovan, so many things I can say about him. He should have been Captain of the Guard a long time ago, but I think his honesty and kindness got in the way. He was never hungry for power so he never backstabbed anyone for it. Hovan is the one I have always looked up to for approval of what I was doing and what I am. I will always trust his judgment and his decisions. He is guard of my conscience.

Last, my voice. There is not much to talk about here. It whispers to me when it sees danger. I call upon it when I need it to protect me or the ones I care about. It has given me the strength to be able to change things. Which I will, no matter what cost it asks of me.

Well, time to get some rest, maybe I’ll dream of my father tonight. We infiltrate Brighton tomorrow.

Hope's Diary - First Entry

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