First Letter

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Hey there, Mom.

I know that it has been awhile since I wrote to you last. I figured that it would be better this way. I mean with all that had happened I didn’t want to draw attention to you and yours. You get enough harassment about me as it is.

Just know that I am doing well for myself. You’ve taught me well. I am in the city that we discussed right now. You were right. This place is large enough so it would be hard to find me. There is only one problem. I think I am with a group of … Well, I’m with a group. The group’s leader has a name that I would have killed myself if I had it. And I thought the my name was bad.

I am sure that you will hear about my exploits sooner rather than later, but I am sure that you would want to hear it from me first. As more of a heads up rather than anything else though. The leader’s name is Hovan. See what I mean? He seems to know what to do in a fight. It’s strange. I feel more confident and sure of what we are doing with him around. There is the typical “scrap and Surly” Dwarf named Brigga. Seeing him in action, though, I can see how dwarves got their reputations. Have you ever seen a thing called a teifling? Well, I have now. Her name is Hope. Gotta say, though. Not so scary at first sight. I wasn’t weary of her until she called on Dispater and flung some sort of stuff from her hands that I can only explain as fire smoke and lightning all mixed together. She’s cute, though. YOUNG. But cute. And a hell of a mouth on her. There is a elf lady with us, too. Her name is Althea and her eyes are little weird looking. It kind of hard to talk to someone with no pupils. She’s a mage. She calls herself an Eladrin. To me an elf is an elf. Kind of keeps to herself sometimes. I think that she has confidence issues.

Anyway, as for the exploits. I warn you, mother. You Know me. I don’t do anything small. The Baron was murdered here. No, I didn’t do it. I was low on money and quite frankly really hungry. So I followed the group I heard had been “hired” to find who the killer was. I saw that they had a second dwarf with them at that time. I think he was a cleric. Only thing is I think he had to go someplace for he wasn’t with them for that long. That was when I thought that I could make my move.

I spread a little innuendo to a guy at the bar they were heading to that Hovan was there to question him about the barons murder. I didn’t expect the fight to get as out of hand as it did but it did, so yeah, I had helped them out. It only took a small amount of convincing to talk them into letting me into their little group.

Well to make a long story short; while working together, we found out that Bishop Giovanni had the baron killed in hopes that his daughter would easier to manipulate. Though, it is my belief the baron’s daughter may have been more involved with the plot, nothing could be proven. Even if she were though nothing could be done about it.

Anyway, I’m a hero now! Go figure. I received a BOON. Don’t know what good it is. Not even sure what to do with it. I’m sure that I will think of something though.

Well, that’s about it as far as what has been happening with me. So what’s new with you? Any new guy in your life? Strange visitors?

Your loving son, Kurgul

First Letter

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