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The Feywild

Legends say that once, the First Forest was full of magic and the fey folk that were a part of it. It was larger then, too, they say, extending across nearly all of Crucible, even to the far north where the Trackless Desert now lies. If it is true, that time is long past. The time of the fey ended ages ago, but not without warning. As the centuries passed, and the forest retreated and the magic died, the elves saw the waning of their world and despaired. But pride has always been the great downfall of the elves, and in their hubris the Seelie Courts believed they could make a new world free of the toils of the true world. So they cast a great spell, and created the Faerie Realm, the Feywild.

The Faerie Realm does not exist on any map, but exits on it’s own, bound to the material world of Crucible. At first glance, it is a pristine wilderness of breathtaking beauty, but it’s beauty conceals the deadly peril of nature rum amok. Great beasts which could not survive in the real world make their home there. Wolves as large as bears, and bears as large as elephants roam wild, as well as other intelligent humanoids. Even the elves themselves had difficulty surviving in their new world. Most fled back to the material world, though a few have eeked out an existence in isolated faerie-cities. Those that remained found themselves changed, infused with the power of the fey, and became the Eladrin, the nobility of the elves.

The Magisterium teaches that the dangerous nature of the Faerie Realm is punishment from the Worldsmith for the elves’ attempt to escape his crucible. The elves, for their part, view this as a lot of nonsense, and believe that the unexpected attributes of the Feywild are due to technical, not moral, failings.

Travel to the Feywild is the easiest of all the worlds (save, of course, the Dreamtime), and often portals and mystic glades that grant access appear in pristine natural settings all across Crucible. Sometimes, special invocations or dances are required to cross, sometimes it requires nothing at all, and travelers have found their way by accident (though these travelers rarely return).


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