Brigga's Quest - Holy Slaughter

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Brigga’s Quest – Holy Slaughter

I’m not sure if it was luck or skill that got us into Brighton undetected, but we were in. As we crossed beyond the point of no return two things occurred to me. First the orcs couldn’t have had the city under their control for long, because their defenses were weak at best. Second I began to realize how much I missed having a pint of Toegeal’s special ale. After all this mess is sorted out I’ll have to show this lot what it’s like to have a good stout. When we reached what I could only guess was the grain house we weren’t meet with much resistance. Dispatching a couple orcs has become common place over the last couple days. “Where is General Thag,” Korgul demanded of our driver. Every muscle in my body gets tense when I hear an orc speak. As luck would have it our company appointed guide informs us Thag is in the church. Just like an orc to take a place of worship and forgiveness and turn it into something fowl.

It is even hard for me to recount the horrors I witnessed within those sanctified walls. Blood dripping from the walls and large pools collected beneath the swinging bodies of women and children. The site of such disregard of the living caused much of my company to lose control of their innards. To my surprise even our leader Hovan couldn’t help but lose a lunch we didn’t have, but I suppose everyone has their weaknesses. At first we didn’t see Thag yet had already announced our presence and so proceeded to rid the world of these beasts. Now I’m not much for attacking from afar I like to keep things personal, however if it hadn’t been for the quick thinking of Althea this battle may have had a different outcome. She immediately identified an orc shaman toward the back of the church performing what seemed to be a ritual. As my blade was sinking its teeth into orc flesh I hear some mutterings from her and then notice that shaman fall to the floor. “Good work girl,” I yelled. Despite all the gore we managed to fell the last of the resistance, but with that shaman’s last breath he uttered something that I knew couldn’t be good.

As the eyes of that despicable corpse rolled to the back of his head the mass of muscle and hair what was once laying on the alter arose. I have never witness such magic and can only vaguely recall hearing of such tales from my father, but here it was in front of my eyes. He stood like as tall as a giant on that stage. Dumbfounded for only a second my instincts kicked in and my attention quickly flew to that tree trunk of an axe he was wielding and the havoc it would wreak on my new found friends. No way was I going to let that happen. As soon as Thag reached his feet I put my shield in his knees and returned him to his back. This gave the rest of my ranks the opportunity to get in position for what would be a good fight. Thag stood once again seemingly unaffected by my blow and came off the stage after me. Just the way I like it face to face…well face to knees in this case.

As the battle waged on it seemed the more we hacked at this monster the less affected he was. It was at that moment, were your past the point of exhausted but you know you must press forward, that I noticed something glowing in the corner of my eye. “Ladies, blast that stone to shards.” I knew between Hovan, Korgul, and myself we could contain Thag long enough for our fragile lot to reduce that rock to dust. It was like Thag and that evil magic was linked because as soon as one of Teagan’s arrows landed home Thag screamed and started to swirl outstretching that hunk of steal he called an axe. My first thoughts were not of myself for I had swatted his blow away. My attention turned from battle for a split second to Korgul slumping to the floor. Shaking my head in disbelief I immediately knew that Thag’s blade had found its mark……

Brigga's Quest - Holy Slaughter

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