Brigga's Quest - First Entry

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Brigga’s Quest: First Entry

Who would of ever thought that seeking out help for my fellow dwarfs would lead to so much more bloodshed than most of the battles I’ve engaged thus far.

Brighton can be no more than mere hours away when close by the company and I hear the faint sounds of voices. Wishing to avoid yet another ambush from the orc horde, Hovan and I instruct Korgul and the Teagan to scout ahead. After there return we learn those filthy orcs are forcing some of the villagers of Brighton to harvest grain from their fields for the army. I need a drink. A force of fourteen strong will be a challenge but there is no way we can just slip past and let this injustice continue…...

Doing out best to get the drop on our enemies failed and we had to engage the orcs sooner than expected. None the less they were no match for my steal. After securing the area we needed to get some information from the surviving humans. One spoke of his wife still in Brighton…sigh yet more humans needing my help yet not one word from my home that help has found them still safe.

Grain was being picked up daily and then delivered to the orc forces occupying Brighton.

Brigga's Quest - First Entry

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