Archborean Crusade

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The Archborean Crusade

The Archborean Crusade was ostensibly an attempt by Nerath’s military to bring the elves of the Prima Archbora under the sway of the Magisterium by force, but in reality had more to do with trade routes. During this time, the Prima Archbora stretched northeast along the southern shore of the Arandor River. At the time of Blackport’s founding, this had not been an issue, as the road to Bael Turath was clear. However, as the Arandor region fell under Nerath’s sway, it was necessary to widely circumnavigate the First Forest or cut through it. The nobility chose the latter. The resulting war was opposed by most of the Curia Magisterium, but that did not stop the secular nobility from wrapping their war in the rhetoric of religious righteousness.

Expecting to fight primitives, Nerath vastly underestimated the size of the army they would need. Nerathian troops were pushed back, barely holding onto any land south of the Arandor River, and in retaliation, the elves marched on and took control of Blackport. It took Nerath five more years to raise an army large enough to turn the tide, and take back southern Arandor. In the end, they were successful in cutting the northeastern arm of the Archbora off. What had been part of the First Forest became known as the Feradrim Wood and Briarwood, and Blackport was liberated with few lasting effects (though an entirely new nobility would be needed).

They were much less successful at conversion, and if anything hardened the hearts of the elves against the teachings of the Magisterium.

Archborean Crusade

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