Half-Elf seeking adventures and acceptance.


Class: Ranger

Race: Half-Elf

Age: 20

Height: 5’5"

Weight: 140 lbs

Alignment: Unaligned

Teagan has long dark red hair and bright green eyes which shine with knowledge and courage. She is of average hight and weight but somehow looks slightly fragile. Then again, looks can be very deceiving. Her ego is a force on it’s own, constantly getting her into trouble.


Life for Teagan didn’t begin well. Her human mother died just after giving birth to her daughter. The midwife in attendance was kind and did everything she could to save the young woman, but to no avail. So she took the babe to an orphanage run by the church. Even as a child, Teagan knew she was different. Often, you could find her playing alone underneath the cover of trees which surrounded the orphanage.

On Teagan’s 5th birthday, three elves show up at the orphanage. The tallest of the three introduces himself as Lothanu Teslanar, Teagan’s father. He has come to take her to live with him in the First Forest. She quickly becomes proficient in the use of a long bow, which she is never seen without, and a longsword. Teagan spends her days learning the art of combat and immersing herself in the surrounding nature.

As leaves begin to fall off the trees, Teagan enters her 14th year with the elves. On this particular day, she finds herself beside a stream, daydreaming of Blackport. Often, Teagan could be found staring into space, caught up in some fiction she created for herself. She is returned to awareness by a howl which is alarmingly close by. Though the elves have taught her to live in peace with all forms of nature, Teagan is still sometimes uneasy around it. Must be the human in her. She sits up and looks around.

“Who’s there?” She calls out. Silence answers her. Slowly she gets to her feet. She hears a soft whimper and starts towards it. At the base of a tree not far from where she had been laying, she finds a wolf cub curled into a small ball. She quickly looks around, fully expecting to see his mother close by, but the she-wolf is nowhere to be found. Teagan feels responsible for him. She knows what it’s like to have no one to care for you. To be completely alone. Teagan picks up the cub and makes her way home where she cares for the cub as if he were her own son.

A year goes by and Teagan comes to the realization that she would do much better on her own. So she sets out. Her destination? Blackport of course! She and her wolf, whom she calls ‘Caiden,’ make their way back to the city where it all started for her. Teagan enters the city on a bright and beautiful day. The city was teeming with people who seemed to be celebrating. She stopped a passing vendor and inquired about the festivities.

“The Champions of Blackport of course! They were sent by the Worldsmith to purge the Church of corruption and will save us all!” He cheerfully smiled at her and continued on.

“Corruption in the church? Champions of Blackport huh?” She said to Caiden. “Wonder what’s been going on.” She makes her way to the orphanage where she grew up. The midwife who had delivered her sat in a chair under the tree where Teagan spent so much time as a young child. She spends the afternoon reminiscing with the old woman and learning of the terrors at Blackport’s doors. The old Midwife tells Teagan about how the Champions slew Bishop Giovon, who had murdered the Duke. Instantly her attention is captured. Could this motley crew be the answer to her dreams? Could this be the adventure she was so desperately looking for?

Two days later, Teagan and Caiden set out. After a few days of hard travel, Teagan hears a commotion ahead. She rushes forward and arrives just in time to see orcs ambush the Champions. She watches from the trees as they battle fiercely. Just after the last orc falls dead to the ground, Teagan steps forward.

“Looks like you could use a little help.”


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