Brigga Brassgut

A war-torn dwarf from Khazak seeking help for his people.


HP: 36
AC: 22
Weapon: Battle Axe
Fort: 17
Ref: 14
Will: 12

3’ 11"
Hair: Black
Weight: 165lbs


Coming from humble beginnings, Brigga Brassgut is the son of a general in the dwarven army. His father taught him everything he knows. From honor and loyalty, to combat and survivability, Brigga owes everything he is today to his father, Bernold Brassgut. From an early age Brigga felt he was different than most of the other kids and his parents always insisted that he was special and would one day do great things. But isn’t that what parents are suppose to tell there children?

As time passed, the games Brigga and his father once played turned from father and son spares into training sessions. Before he knew it, his father had not only raised a generous and kind man, but also at strategic and relentless war machine. Besting his father in a match to skill had become common place and before long father and son were fight off the forces that threatened their mountain home side by side. Per Bernold’s request, Brigga was given his own company of soldiers to lead. While fending off yet another insertion of drowe, all but a few of Stonefist’s company were cut down. The dwarves needed help and they needed it now. That burden was place heavily upon Brigga’s shoulders. He knew he was good at hand to hand combat and was never afraid to face any foe, but how could they expect him to find the means to save the people of the mountains? Never to disobey his father and mentor, he set out determined to find reinforcements; doing whatever, and going wherever, he must to do so.

Blackport was rumored to be friendly to the Dwarfs, so that was the first place Brigga was instructed to visit. Accompanied by his faithful cleric companion, they entered the walls of the city and without delay sought an audience with the Duke himself. As they and the Duke spoke, Brigga could tell that all the attention wasn’t on the aid he was seeking. After pleading his case, the Duke sighed and slumped in his chair.

“I would like nothing more than to send that which you seek.” the Duke said with sincerity. “However, we have problems of our own to attend to.” The thought enter Brigga’s mind that maybe if he offered to aid in there problems, the Duke would be more inclined to help the Dwarfs.
After hearing that Orcs were pressing ever closer to the city and refugees were coming in daily from surrounding towns, the Duke spoke of a hole of evil located in a shop at the docks. “I can’t think of aiding others until the people of Blackport are safe.”
“What can I do to add haste to your decision on the matters of my people?” Brigga asked.
“Go speak to the bishop,” said the Duke. “He will give you all the information you need and then we can speak more at length of the aid you seek.”

Brigga Brassgut

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